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Here at The ZONE you can read a large collection of science fiction writing covering SF, fantasy and horror. This non-fiction collection is aimed at keen but discerning fans of genre science fiction literature and related media.

Read our science fiction book reviews, listings of new and forthcoming publications, movie reviews, TV and DVD reviews; and interviews with authors and science fiction genre writers.

Read profiles of top science fiction authors, such as Brian Aldiss, Stephen Baxter, Michael Crichton, and Bruce Sterling... retrospective or topical articles and incisive critical essays on diverse topics, ranging from Buffy, post-humanism and superheroes, to cybermen, voodoo and scientology.

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The perceptive writing at The ZONE is of exceptional quality and coverage of science fiction genre material is eclectic, focusing on pulps and classics, blockbusters and independents, famous names or small-press unknowns, comics and poetry.

Our knowledgeable contributors are intelligent fans and scholars with a sense of humour, who support popular films and books, but tend to favour discovering new talents and spotlighting originality. The ZONE has been publishing work by new science fiction genre writers and professional journalists since 2001.

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