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Lexx (1997 - 2002)
Created by Paul Donovan

review by Michael Lohr

I have to admit, when I first saw the trailer for this series, I thought, this wouldn't last a month. But you know what, this damn show grew on me to the point where I am now a loyal weekly watcher and that's not just because of Xenia Seeberg's pouty lips. Yes, it's tacky. Yes, the plot is sometimes nonexistent, but then again it's one of the most enjoyable sci-fi shows to watch in a long, long while. Hell, there is even a 'Lexx UnCon' held in Halifax, Nova Scotia every year.
   Its been said that Lexx possesses a reputation as "Star Trek's evil twin." I would say that it is more like Doctor Who's horny cousin. The popularity of Lexx started in Europe, mainly because the series is co-produced by German company TiMe Film und TV Produktion. The show also features German talent and German locations. Lexx is now broadcast in over 100 countries, including the US, Canada, UK, France, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Russia and Australia. In the 'States the New York Daily News called Lexx, "the most imaginative sci-fi since Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." The London Evening Standard said that Lexx was "inventive, gory, scary and funny - often all at the same time."
LEXX logo the Lexx
Lexx, a large, planet-eating, sentient spacecraft, has a crew that includes a former security guard, Captain Stanley Tweedle (played by Brian Downey), the luscious love slave Xev (played by Seeberg), the undead (soon to be reborn) assassin Kai (played by Michael McManus), and the logic-challenged robot head 790 (voiced by Jeffrey Hirschfield). As season four progresses, Lexx seems to be hellbent on consuming the four planets of the elements, earth, wind, fire and water (how many flatulent jokes do you think will be thrown about when Lexx discovers the planet of wind?). After already laying waste to the primal planets of Fire and Water, Lexx discovers Earth and eats the Amazon as a snack. What is discovered is that Earth is a typical Type 13 planet in its final phase. Type 13 planets are characterised by a relentless, damn-the-environment rush for scientific knowledge and advancement that, without fail, culminates in the catastrophic unraveling of the very fabric of the planet. Earth has also become a playground for Prince (played by Nigel Bennett), the former evil ruler of the planet Fire. All sorts of nasty and deviant fun occurs.
   Cool show, cool concept... and those awesome lips!
"I am the most
powerful weapon
of destruction in
the two universes.
I was grown on
'The Cluster'
which is ruled
by 'His Shadow'.
The food was
good there."
- The Lexx

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Lexx main cast
Lexx main cast (from left to right): Kai (Michael McManus), Xev (Xenia Seeberg), and Captain Stanley Tweedle (Brian Downey)

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