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Notes on contributors and some biographical details about our writers

Neal Asher
- lives in Essex. His small press books include novella The Parasite (Tanjen), and collection Runcible Tales (Piper's Ash). You can also find his short stories published in The ZONE and Premonitions. Read our interview with him.

Steve Aylett - critically acclaimed author of satirical novels The Inflatable Volunteer, Toxicology, Atom, Shamanspace and the Accomplice series (including Only An Alligator). He is the first writer to interview himself for The Zone website. Visit his own site at Steve

John Barnes
- is a professor of English and Theatre Studies, and lives in Colorado with his wife, the author Kara Dalkey. His recent books include A Million Open Doors, Apocalypses & Apostrophes, and Finity.

Paul Barnett
- is the author of over 50 books, mostly as by 'John Grant'. As co-editor with John Clute of The Encyclopedia of Fantasy he has received the Hugo, the World Fantasy Award, the Locus Award, the Mythopoeic Society Scholarship Award, and the J. Lloyd Eaton Award. He is married to Pamela D. Scoville, founder and director of the Animation Art Guild. He lives in northern New Jersey.

Gary Bayley
- contributed several articles and many reviews to fantastic media magazine, Strange Adventures. He works for a civilian engineering firm near Birmingham, and has no plans to visit Belgium, again. When we last heard from him, Gary was writing his first novel... and he says it is definitely not about Belgium.

Paul Broome
- was editor of The Small Hours magazine. Recently relocated to Fife, Scotland. Currently trashing networks by day, and making music with his "nu-folk" project Bona Dea by night.

Christopher Paul Carey
- is a contributor to Myths For The Modern Age: Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Universe (MonkeyBrain Books, 2005), and co-editor of Farmerphile: The Magazine Of Philip José Farmer. He also writes science fiction and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in writing. He lives with his wife in Seattle, Washington. Visit Chris' blog.

Chris Cartwright
- has a passion for creating book covers and illustrations for stories. She has done covers for Outskirts Press, the most recent recent being I Saw Heaven Opened. She has also created illustrations for Penwomanship, Whispers of Wickedness, Midnight Street, Apex Digest, Insidious Reflections, and many others. You can find her website at

Gary Couzens
- writes reviews for VideoVista and DVD Times, and has also had much short fiction published. He was a recent Chairman of the British Fantasy Society.

Thomas Cropper
- started off as 'work experience boy' at Time Out. There he wrote a couple of slapdash pieces for the suspiciously entitled Kids Out publication before becomming the news editor for a small media industry magazine called The Soho Independent. Currently trying to eek out a living as a freelancer writing mainly on film.

Andrew Darlington
- poet, writer, journalist... the multi-talented Andy Darlington has had fiction and poetry in Pigasus Press' magazines Premonitions, Fax 21, and the printed version of The ZONE. His acclaimed poetry collection Euroshima Mon Amour is available from Hilltop Press, there's a collection of rock interviews called I Was Elvis Presley's Bastard Love Child out from Headpress, and Andy's science fantasy novel 'Beast Of The Coming Darkness' is forthcoming.

Kerry Earl
- extremely talented artist, Kerry has produced many illustrations for Fax 21 magazine, created a logo for Pigasus Press, in addition to contributing splash-page cover artworks to this site.

Phil Emery
- a recent contributor's credit in the small press magazine Kimota described Phil as "living a life shrouded in mystery" - which makes him sound far more interesting than he is. His day job is teaching writing courses for Keele University.

Emma French
- has a PhD in Shakespearean films, and a is a film studies lecturer, and film writer for websites including nitrate online.

Christopher Geary
- reviews DVDs and blu-ray discs for VideoVista, and was the editor of FAX 21 online.

Roderick Gladwish
- aerospace engineer living in Hampshire. An amateur artist who was motivated to send his work to a publication for the first time after reading The ZONE. Roderick produced artwork for online covers #2, #6 and #7. More of his work can be seen at his own website.

Mario Guslandi
- lives in Milan, Italy. Most likely he's the only Italian who regularly reads (and reviews) dark fiction in English. His reviews have appeared on a number of genre sites such as The Agony Column, Horrorworld, The SF site, Hellnotes, and The Fix online

. Steven Hampton
- contributed critical articles to various SF magazines, including The ZONE and now frequently reviews DVDs for VideoVista.

Amy Harlib
- is a 40-something, lifelong, avid reader of SF and fantasy literature, and graphic novels - retired with plenty of time to indulge in her passion for reading and cinema. She lives in NYC and welcomes intelligent feedback and discussion about the genre. Other enthusiasms: cats, archeology and anthropology and paleontology, folklore and mythology, genre films, science for intelligent laypersons, and memoirs and narratives as literature.

Andrew Hedgecock
- researcher, lecturer, technical writer and freelance journalist. "Throughout the 1980s, I hacked out polemical pieces and did editorial work for various anarchist publications." More recently. Andy has done features and interviews for Time Out. He's also contributed to The Oxford Companion To English Literature, and interviewed author, Alison Sinclair for The ZONE #9.

Cristopher Hennessey-DeRose
- has had over 100 pieces published in magazines like H.P. Lovecraft's and Filmfax. He is a staff writer for the Sci-Fi Channel and books in print include his novella The Pale and novel Lives Of Future Past. His James Bond guide, Martinis, Girls And Guns, is from CyberMan Books.

Paul Higson
- returned to nonfiction writing after an absence of 10 years stockpiling the literary new for the big break. He was the editor of Bleeder's Digest and contributed to many other quaint small press publications. His abattoir play Swine was staged by No Half Measures Theatre Company of Derby, and a novel nears completion.

Ron Horsley
- is the editor of the Stoker Award recommended The Midnighters' Club, and hosts a semi-personal webpage of the same name. His writing has appeared in Dark Planet webzine and his recent foray into professional illustration has been debuted with the cover design for Lucy Snyder's Blood Magic. Here's a sample of Ron's artwork.

Patrick Hudson
- was brought up in New Zealand, but currently lives and works in London. He has published a number of articles and short stories in various venues both here and in New Zealand, and is the author of Bridges of New Zealand (before you ask, it has nothing to do with The Bridges of Madison County). In addition to his entusiasm for SF and fantasy, he is a keen gamer, a museum fan, and a lover of art and music of all sorts.

Duncan Hunter
- was born in Britain, but spent most of his childhood and adolescence in New Zealand. He later travelled around the world teaching English, spending two years in Japan and three years in Poland. As an amateur journalist he has been published in a variety of overseas publications, most memorably managing to have an article on the history of Canterbury published in the Thai edition of Penthouse! He is a computer programmer and IT trainer. He is interested in SF and fantasy, and is an avid fan of H.P. Lovecraft, the New England genius of horror.

Daniel G. Jennings
- is a freelance writer who lives and works in Denver, Colorado, USA. Before turning to freelance work he edited weekly newspapers and worked as a reporter for daily newspapers in three American states. He has also written editorial commentary for The Denver Post, Colorado's largest newspaper. In addition to his newspaper work, his articles have appeared in several American trade publications. Daniel is a lifelong science fiction fan, having fallen in love with the genre while watching Star Trek and Doctor Who re-runs as a boy. He is also a long time comic book fan and a would-be science fiction writer.

Roger Keen
- his fiction and non-fiction has appeared in magazines such as Critical Wave, The Third Alternative, Psychotrope and Prism over the years. More recently, he has been providing reviews and features for webzines such as VideoVista, DVD Times, The Alien Online and Infinity Plus. A roundup of his work can be found on his website.

Duncan Lawie
- started reviewing with The ZONE in 1996 and was SF reviewer for Slashdot before the dot-com bubble burst. Beyond The ZONE, he is an occasional reviewer at Strange Horizons. Born in Papua New Guinea, he grew up in Australia and has travelled to America and Antarctica - but lives in Kent. There is a full listing on his website.

Craig Lewis
- currently studying part time for a degree in philosophy. "One day I hope to discover the golden mean in life (whatever that may be). Until then I shall continue to produce obscure, incoherent five-minute animations and seek to appease the baying wolf in my heart with colourful paintings. Commissions to date have included a number of album covers, promotional stuff and a latex rubber puppet. I am presently developing an illustrated semi-biographical story, titled: The Man Who Grew An Arm Out Of The Back Of His Neck (who was also half Dog)." Here's a sample of Craig's artwork.

Michael Lohr
- had produced reviews, articles, and artwork for Pigasus Press websites.

Rob Marshall
- describes himself as "a closet optimist", boasts of having "black belts in hokum and chagrin", and plays drums in a garage band called "HazMat Lite". Rob writes for genre, non-genre and music fanzines - both on and offline.

Tom Matic
- is a writer and performer of self-penned songs, with a precarious toe-hold on the Brighton scene. His debut CD of acoustic songs, and incorporating a reading of his short story Burning Time, is shortly to be released on his own label.

Jonathan McCalmont
- is from London and is almost completely alive. He is currently trying to leave academia where he has swashbuckled his way into post-graduate degrees in philosophy and war studies. He hopes to get a job in publishing because he wants to help genre novels not only attain a wider audience but also the intellectual acclaim that some so richly deserve.

Jack McDevitt
- is the author of several SF novels including Engines Of God, and Deep Six. He is the Chairman of the Science Fiction Writers of America Media Committee. He lives in Georgia.

Jim McFarlen
- plays guitar in the Quad City ambient/ jazz/ rock band Intensity. His website is:

Mark McLaughlin
- Mark's fiction, nonfiction and poetry have appeared in more than 375 magazines, anthologies and websites, including Galaxy, Talebones, The Dead Inn, The Book Of All Flesh, Bending The Landscape, The Last Continent: New Tales Of Zothique, The Best Of Palace Corbie, Best Of The Rest 2, The Best Of HorrorFind, and The Year's Best Horror Stories. Chapbooks of his fiction include Zom Bee Moo Vee & Other Freaky Shows (Fairwood Press), I Gave At The Orifice (Eraserhead Press), and Shoggoth Cacciatore And Other Eldritch Entrees (Delirium Books). He has given readings of his work nationwide and in England. Mark was the featured poet in The ZONE #8.

Michael McCarty
- interviewed US horror writer Charlee Jacob for dragon's breath, and has clocked up six other author interviews (Ray Bradbury, William Nolan, Frederik Pohl, Charles De Lint, Mickey Zucker Reichert, and Dean Koontz) for issues of The ZONE. Mike lives on Rock Island, Illinois. Visit his website.

Gary McMahon
- writes horror fiction, when he isn't slaving away at his day job or juggling family commitments. Originally from the Northeast of England, he has spent time in London and Hertfordshire, but now lives with his wife and son in West Yorkshire. Gary's fiction has been widely published, and his novella Rough Cut (Pendragon), was followed by a short story collection. Visit Gary's website.

Debbie Moon
- after some years writing fiction under the pen-name Ceri Jordan, Debbie moved into screenwriting, and currently has two feature scripts in development. As befits someone who's been writing SF and fantasy since the age of seven, and cites Brazil as the best film ever made, they're both pretty weird. She is also working on a comedy darama TV, and and her debut novel Falling was published by Honno.

Donald Morefield
- "amateur journalist, avid reader", and contributor to The ZONE, and other small press publications. "Currently studying applied science fiction at a midlands university of urban renewal." He also enjoys reviewing movies for VideoVista.

Mike Philbin
- world cinema enthusiast, with artistic day job in games industry, and much fiction published under his pen-name Hertzan Chimera.

Kevin Radthorne
- is a novelist and artist, and writer of fantasy series The Tales Of Tonogato. He provided The ZONE website's splash page artwork for our 5th anniversary. Find out more about Kevin's work at

Octavio Ramos Jr
- has been a technical writer/editor at the Los Alamos National Laboratory for close to 15 years. As a freelance writer, he has published several nonfiction books: Cerro Grande: Canyons of Fire, Spirit Of Community, and Raising Cane: Introductory Techniques, SF adventure Scout (Renaissance), short story collection Smoke Signals, and a chapbook Folio Of Edicts, which can be obtained from Undaunted Press. He also has accumulated more than 200 publication credits in magazines, such as VideoVista, Blood Samples, Vampire Nights, SOD Magazine, Pit Magazine, The Midnight Gallery, Glyph, Whispers From The Shattered Forum, Double Danger Tales, Sepulchre, Bizarre Bazaar, and Weird Times.

Shiraz Rahim
- ever since he received his first Nintendo system, Shiraz has been immersed in the world of videogames. Not insanely dedicated to purchasing the newest, most popular titles around, Shiraz focuses his video-gaming time to becoming intimately acquainted with a particular game before moving on to another. After his subjugation to the world of James Bond and the entertaining, gun-blazing environment of GoldenEye, Shiraz has sought to find the perfect shooter and role-playing game, searching at the top amongst the plethora of 'Games of the Year' and looking even as low as the rejected $1-for-7-nights' games at the local Family Video. So far, he expresses most enjoyment at playing a game that isn't too hard and involves the right combination of great controls, decent graphics, and intense storylines. Aside from the occasional videogame, Shiraz spends his free time reading classic novels and watching the newest movie releases. He enjoys more of the battle-oriented and horror films of the age. Like videogames, however, he still seeks to find the perfect movie and the perfect book to fill the perfectly useful but usually wasted free time he rarely has.

Peter Schilling
- writes for The ZONE, and other genre magazines. He also contributes reviews to VideoVista.

Sandra Scholes
- a writer and artist who has worked on many projects started out as an artist working for the Tolkien Society's magazine, made several sketches for Headpress, and Star Wars art for Eclipse and Lightspeed magazines as well as website art for Fandom Comics. Her transition to reviews started with Monas Hieroglyphica and through to most recently Active Anime and Fantasy Book Review. Continuing with many projects, she hopes to have her short stories published soon as her interest in fantasy, horror and sci-fi genres increases and currently loves reviewing for The Zone and VideoVista.

Pete Short
- currently editing a new edition of The Age Of Reason (unashamed devotee of Thomas Paine), Pete has written music and movie reviews for UK fanzines Live and Panic Coma. He toys with a bad unpublished novel and chills out beside bonfires in his back garden.

Simeon Shoul
- has taught composition, fiction and poetry in the USA, at the University of Pittsburgh, has worked in publishing and book-selling. Currently a PhD student in military history at University College London. One publishing credit: The Dragon And The Bear, a supplement to the popular Ars Magica role-playing system.

Ian Simmons
- is a Welsh illustrator who has produced many illustrations for the fantasy, horror, and sci-fi genres. Among his clients are - the British Fantasy Society, Dark Horizons, Elastic Press, Paul Kane, Matt Dinniman, and countless book and magazine publishers at home and abroad. You can see more of his work at

Ted Simonin
- grew up in New York and now lives in the South of France. He is a professional illustrator, a great admirer of science fiction, and a highly devoted artist who loves to play with light and shadow. He recently illustrated R is for Rocket, a short story by Ray Bradbury. After reviewing the project, Ray sent a letter to Ted and wrote the following: "I am deeply appreciative of your talent." If you would like to see more of Ted's whimsical work, take a look at

David Sivier
- wrote a series of features on genre comics, including articles on Superman and Wonder Woman, published in The ZONE, with a piece about mutants in SF for this site. He lives in Bristol.

Jeremy Smith
- directs member services at the Independent Press Association. His articles have appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the SF Examiner, AlterNet, Rain Taxi, Dollars And Sense, and Z Magazine.

Steve Sneyd
- prolific writer and poet with numerous articles and genre poetry in various Pigasus Press titles. Steve is also the owner of Hilltop Press, which publishes informative Data Dump news bulletins about genre verse, and collections of same.

Lucy A. Snyder
- produced artwork for our first online cover. She is editor and designer of Dark Planet "a webzine of science fiction, modern fantasy, poetry, and related nonfiction."

James Starkey
"I'm currently living in London where I write horror movie reviews and essays on a part-time basis. My main area of expertise is European horror. Apart from movies, I also write short fiction for which I am currently designing a web page to showcase my material. Favourite literature includes Poe, Lovecraft and Stevenson. During my spare time, I like to update my main horror movie-review site as well as play the guitar which I have been doing for some 11 years."

Christopher Teague
- owner of Pendragon Press, Chris was a regular contributor to VideoVista. He composes "very bad Eno-esque soundscapes," and lives in Wales.

G.W. Thomas
- lives in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. His work has appeared in over 350 publications including Writer's Digest, Flesh & Blood, and Chizine. His nonfiction series 'The Ghostbreakers' is appearing serially in Black October magazine. Visit his website.

Teresa Tunaley
- originating from the UK but now residing in the Canary Islands, Teresa finds more time to devote to her work. For more than 30 years she has been doodling traditionally with pencils and dabbling with watercolours. More recently she uses a more modern technique using software such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro to produce her creations. Along with published stories and poetry, she can be credited with award winning cover art and illustrations for author stories. Her work can be seen online and in print across the UK, US, Canada and Denmark. Visit her website.

Sam Vaknin
- is the author of Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited and After the Rain - How the West Lost the East. He is a columnist in Central Europe Review, United Press International (UPI) and and the editor of mental health and Central East Europe categories in The Open Directory, Suite101 and Until recently, he served as the Economic Advisor to the Government of Macedonia. Visit Sam's website.

Hugh Allen Vogt
- contributing artist to The ZONE online. Visit Hugh's website.

Trent Walters
- "interviews, essays and reviews of mine have appeared in Mythic Circle, Science Fiction And Fantasy Workshop, SF Site, The Wellness Chronicle, and Writer Online."

Jeff Young
- enjoys 'trashy exploitation movies' (especially kung fu and low-budget action thrillers), and reviews DVDs for VideoVista. Jeff also compiled biographical listings for his Girls with Guns a fan site about female action movie stars.

Mike Zug
- "my style is contemporary with one foot firmly in the old school. I contemplate with supreme awe the illustrations of greats such as N.C. Wyeth and hope to bring that sense of absolute reality achieved through a more painterly lens to my own work. I work primarily in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, but I have tried my hand at everything in between..."

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