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Osmosis Jones (2001)
Directors: Bobby and Peter Farrelly

review by Trent Walters

Want to learn about the body's immune system fairly painlessly? This may be the movie for you with an all-star voice cast including Bill Murray, Chris Elliott, Chris Rock, Kid Rock, Ron Howard, Laurence Fishburne and William Shatner, and a kind of upgraded low humour the Farrelly brothers brought you in Dumb And Dumber and There's Something About Mary: farts, urination, runny noses, popping zits, and projectile vomiting. What more could a kid want?
   Frank (Murray) has unsanitary hygiene, consuming a hard-boiled that's been handled by a chimpanzee and fallen on the ground (but only there for less than the 10 second rule). Osmosis Jones is paired with a cold capsule to cover the case of the new virus that's causing cold-like symptoms. Only the virus is no rhinovirus.
   The plot grows ludicrous - a white blood cell running back to one's body on a tear back into the owner's mouth - but mostly serves up the old gimmicks anew with the reluctant cop partnering with the new guy. The science may not always be dead-on (white blood cells coming over on the umbilicus?) but generally on the mark to enlighten any layman looking for an entertainment with action, animation, and comedy combined with medical knowledge. Highly recommended to gross out your kids with health.
Osmosis Jones
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