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Relic Hunter (1999)

review by Michael Lohr

Relic Hunter is now going into its third season of production. It is an entertaining show that will no doubt see quick syndication on the Sci-Fi channel, once its ceases regular production. Tia Carrere and cast do an excellent job in a genre that is unfortunately used to poor acting quality. The show's special effects are also up to standards as well. Basically this show exists in the shadow of Tomb Raider, and it's not even close to the quality or concept of Witchblade.
   Plot outline: Carrere stars as Sydney Fox, a university professor of ancient civilisations and an international explorer of lost treasures, who also holds a black belt in karate. Her mission - to travel the world retrieving lost, stolen and rumoured artifacts and antiquities. She and her assistants (Christien Anholt as Nigel Bailey, and Tanja Reichart as Karen Petruski) are sought out by governments, private collectors, museum curators, religious figures, law enforcement officials, the wealthy, the obsessed and sometimes, the criminal, to snare impossible, hard-to-find relics from all ages and from the remotest corners of the earth. Along they way they encounter many less than savoury characters and survive various near tragedies all for the sake of adventure.
   Overall it is an entertaining show to watch and Carrere is pleasing to the eyes. If you are interested in back episodes, each of the previous two seasons are now available on video as a complete set. I actually would like to see Relic Hunter handled by the Hercules and Xena production crew or taken to the big screen. I think Carrere could do just as good of a job as Angelina Jolie did in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and that is not to say that Jolie did a bad job, but as we all know from her role in Kull, Carrere can get the sultry but tough vixen gig over real well.
Relic Hunter

images © Paramount Tia Carrere on the set of Relic Hunter

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