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Alien Incursion (2006)
Director: Jeffrey Scott Lando

review by Alasdair Stuart

Ranger Kelly Jones (Kiara Hunter) is used to dealing with campers getting lost or injured, or even animal attacks. She's even used to her father Harry (Ken Roberts) and his survivalist mindset, hunkered down in a cabin in the woods, convinced that the government is out to get them all.

What she's not used to, however, is the possibility that her father may be right. When a meteor lands in the woods, Kelly finds herself forced to not only defend a group of campers from the creatures that are hatching from it, but also from the Special Ops team lead by Stucker (Tom O'Brien) who are more concerned with gaining access to the creatures than saving lives...

Made on a shoestring, Alien Incursion is one of those B-movies trying to make up with energy what it lacks in budget. It largely works too, with all three leads turning in spirited performances. O'Brien is one of the best character actors of his age and he's great as the cold, implacable Stucker, whilst Roberts has tremendous fun as the grizzled Harry, a character who wouldn't look out of place in a wild west movie.

Stucker's troops Kelly and campers

In fact, that's largely what Alien Incursion is, a wild western with aliens instead of Indians. There's the same sense of dread, the same eminently disposable characters and the same casual attitude towards violence. This is a world where you live if you shoot first, and the film is refreshingly up front about that.

It's equally up front about its special effects. The aliens are actually a halfway decent concept, although their life cycle will be familiar to anyone who's seen the Alien movies. They're clearly CGI but the actors do a good job of interacting with them and gore-hounds will find a lot to enjoy here. This is one of those films where you care more about how characters die than if they will, a drinking game in the making and as long as its approached in that vein then you'll have great fun watching it.

Make no mistake; Alien Incursion is no Slither, or Tremors. What it is though is a film that spends its entire running time working as hard as it can to entertain you on a minimal budget and for that alone it deserves a pass. It's silly, it's cheap and it features some of the most impressively over camo-creamed soldiers you'll ever see but most importantly, it's fun and as long as you approach it in the right frame of mind, that's exactly what you'll have watching it.
Alien Incursion

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