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Ash vs Evil Dead
- The Complete First Season
Developed for TV by Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, and Tom Spezialy

review by Ian Shutter

"I'm gonna swallow your soul!" Boom-stick says 'no'... The coolest redneck in town is back for more grisly slapstick and sitcom plots, as the original zombie-comedy trilogy The Evil Dead is revived as superhero action-horror. The grue fu of chainsaw samurai Ash (Bruce Campbell) remains unsurpassed by genre-TV rivals like The Strain, movie spin-off From Dusk Till Dawn, and - to a lesser extent - Penny Dreadful.

Although he is still haunted by giggling ghosts and cackling 'deadites', and menaced by a signature POV camera in its headlong dash through rural zones, our loner human champion of Michigan, against foul demonic possession, remains stoic and stalwart enough - after 30 years - to take on fresh-faced sidekicks for his latest road-movie style crusade.

"Shit's about to get real." Having overdone that old cabin-in-the-woods backdrop, this TV series kicks off with a quest for new locations, such as a family home, a bookshop, a shaman's shack, a truck-stop diner, a militia camp, and survivalists' bunker, adding plenty of mileage to established deadite lore, along the heroes' journey through ultra-violent misery to a ghastly new version of hell at its place of origin.

Mimi Rogers pops up in one episode as the deadliest dead-mom that ever was. Lucy Lawless guest stars as mysterious Ruby, who tears around in a red Dodge sports-car while following Ash, and she appears to be up to no good whatsoever. Lawless' presence is welcome, but we can't be sure whether Ruby can be trusted.

A team of writers and directors, led by Sam Raimi, bring cartoonish glee to all the occult goings-on here with the magical mystery of the cursed 'Necronomicon' book (bound in human flesh in prep for a Leatherface mask homage!) and the re-appearance of Ash's own long-lost crawling hand. Until, finally, just about everything is groovy once again.

Ash vs Evil Dead

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