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Dracula III: Legacy (2005)
Director: Patrick Lussier

review by Noell Wolfgram Evans

Roy Scheider I am sorry. I don't think I am actually entirely responsible, but as a moviegoer I feel somewhat partly to blame. I know things haven't been the best lately but are they truly this bad? The shock I had when I got my copy of Dracula III: Legacy and saw your name above the title, well words can not express how remorseful I felt for your career. Is it my fault that these are now your parts? Granted, there is an honour to working and it's not as if this is a necessarily horrible movie, but you deserve more. Sure there are plenty of stars who shone brightly but are now dimming but you, you had talent and a special personification of 'enraged neighbour toughness' that really should have kept you on the A-list for years, but what happened? I suppose it's the chicken and the egg question, did we stop seeing your movies or did you stop making movies we wanted to see. Still, I suppose like my 5th grade teacher, it was nice to see you after such a long time.

The good news is that you bring a lot to this film. You provide it with a level of stability and professionalism, yet still there you are playing a priest in the third chapter of an increasingly unneeded movie series. Let's hope that this is just a pit-stop on the way back up. I promise I'll be there this time. I'll even buy two tickets to help make sure this doesn't have to happen again.

Dracula III: Legacy tells the story of a vampire uprising and the vampire hunters who try and stop it. It's a continuation of the story first started in Dracula 2000 and then continued in Dracula II: Ascension. Even the multiple parts of this story can't hide its blandness, instead they just stretch it out. Dracula (and vampires) are a mysterious lot, crawling around in the shadows of the night. The horror in them is as much in the seduction and atmosphere as it is the bloodletting. Unfortunately this film forgoes all subtly and setup to create a vampire-on-the-rise action movie. It's all nothing we haven't seen before and for the most part in better forms.

Jason Scott Lee and Jason London star as vampire hunters as stock as they come while Rutger Hauer portrays a pretty convincing Dracula. And they there is the local Cardinal as played by Roy Scheider who fights to stay above the material. Mr Scheider is a talented actor and he deserves another shot to prove that. If there's one good thing that comes out of this movie, it will hopefully be the revival of his career.
Dracula III: Legacy

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