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The Lair (2007)
Producer: Kimberly A. Ray

review by Jo Johnson-Smith

Well, there are not many gay vampire soap stories out there, but this is one that should have probably spent more on actors than the fashion and interior design budget. There are four DVDs in seasons one and two, and that's seven hours I won't get back again. I'm not one for poop-pooping the naked or semi-naked male form but I just wish the actors had had the sense to have some lessons before attempting this series.

We have the setup of a small-town reporter chasing down a story which could make his career, we have the thread of a story but it gets lost in the semi-seedy soft gay porn that seems to erupt in every other scene. The lines we do get are pretty awful and so camp they live in Butlins, we have the best bodies being the bad guys (as usual) and we have the small human contingent losing a boyfriend to 'the Lair' and the vampires within.

So we have a fight between the vampires who want to take possession of said journalist (head vampire's re-incarnated lost love) and a wandering werewolf who rampages through the story shedding no light and even worse plot twists as it shudders to a unremarkable end. One that you can see a mile away and hope you're not right but you are.

This is one to watch if you want to see how not to do something, how not to write a series and skimp on the writing instead investing in the bevy of beauties who speak the lines with no conviction and overacting that fits a gay porn film but not a TV series. I'm giving this three stars out of five and that's because the production values go up for the second series, if you like car-crash TV series watch it, if not avoid or send to an enemy you really dislike.

The Lair on DVD

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