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Lost (2004)
Creators: Jeffrey Lieber, J.J. Abrams, and Damon Lindelof

review by Eric Turowski
Spoiler Alert!
Last year, the ultimate TV show (CSI) became penultimate with the premiere of NBC's Lost. In a nutshell, a plane crashes on an island, the survivors strive to survive until help arrives, and a bunch of very strange stuff begins to happen. They are attacked by the giant invisible monster, people start showing up who are not on the passenger manifest, Claire (Emilie de Ravin), a pregnant woman, has her baby stolen shortly after birth, Jack (Matthew Fox) sees his dead father walking around, and the last surviving member of a shipwreck has been broadcasting a distress signal � for decades.

But there are more secrets to be found among the survivors than on the mysterious island. Hurley (Jorge Garcia) is a lottery winner who has had nothing but bad luck since the big jackpot. Kate (Evangeline Lilly) is a fugitive murderer, Jack was chasing down his alcoholic father (who subsequently died, and see above), Charley (Dominic Monaghan) is a junkie rock star, and weirdest of all, John Locke (the incomparable Terry O�Quinn) was a paraplegic. Was...

Lost cast line-up

In flashbacks, we see each character's story develop; why they were in Australia, why they got on the flight to Los Angeles, and what weird circumstances make them cross each other's path before crashing on the island. Hurley's lottery numbers appear etched in the concrete of a mysterious hatch of something buried in the ground, for instance. Meanwhile, boar hunts, explosions, polar bears (you heard me), death, and mystery abound as each episode ties the survivors together in more intricate ways, and the island becomes less easy to understand.

Intensity builds as personal differences flare up, a raft is built then burned, the crazy French shipwreck survivor lady (can't remember the actress' name) keeps talking about the unseen 'Others' (who are apparently after kids and babies), redneck versus Iraqi, African-American versus Korean, brother versus sister, man versus nature and super-nature. How many more conflicts do you need?

I'm anxiously awaiting season two. Lost is shot in Hawaii for that authentic feel, and most of the time, paradise looks pretty miserable. If you haven't seen it, I can't explain it. You must check it out for yourself.
Lost on DVD

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DVD release features 24 episodes on seven discs:

Pilot - part 1

Pilot - part 2

Tabula Rasa


White Rabbit

House Of The Rising Sun

The Moth

Confidence Man


Raised by Another

All The Best Cowboys
Have Daddy Issues

Whatever The
Case May Be

Hearts And Minds




In Translation


Deus Ex Machina

Do No Harm

The Greater Good

Born to Run

Exodus - part 1

Exodus - part 2

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