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The Stars My Destination
Alfred Bester
Gollancz hardcover £14.99

review by Ceri Jordan

Gully Foyle is a Marine, cannon fodder in a war between the inner and outer worlds of the Solar system - a war indirectly caused by the discovery that a properly trained human can teleport themselves anywhere. He has no skills, no ambition and no prospects - until the day everyone on board his ship is wiped out and he is left drifting in space to die. Left by the only passing ship, the Vorga, property of one of Earth's richest men, Presteign of Presteign. Miraculously rescued, Foyle transforms himself into an one-man army of vengeance, out to destroy the Vorga and its owner. It's a quest that will lead him across the Solar system and beyond, from slave camps to high society, to a revelation about his escape from death that will change mankind forever...
   Also known by its original title, Tiger, Tiger, this classic space opera is part revenge thriller, part social critique. Foyle is an individualist in a world where money, power, and the state conspire to grind everyone down to equality, and his quest is as much to validate his existence as to revenge his near-demise. Always a writer with an eye for the fantastic, Bester propels his hero through a pulp world full of willing women, barbarous savages, and urbane businessmen who manipulate with the arrogance of a Bond villain. The sheer energy of Foyle's single-minded quest is compelling, and the unravelling mystery of how he came to cheat death lends the action a greater depth, leading to a genuinely triumphant conclusion. A truly captivating novel from a master storyteller.
The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester
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