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Zombie Chronicles (2002)
Director: Brad Sykes

review by Trent Walters

Movies don't come any worse than this... or is that any better? If the previews of other movies available from are any indication, Zombie Chronicles is one in a long line of strictly and purposefully B-movies spliced and diced on Brad Sykes' garage room floor. At least it's intentional.
   Zombie Chronicles is for the stouthearted kitschy horror movie jet-set, which abuses every horror convention known to man, complete with gratuitous boob shots - a reporter in search of legendary ghost stories lives out one of her own, kids on a camping trip get eaten by a wild west zombie family, and bad ol' Sarge (who gave a private recruit a training that killed him) gets his eye-for-an-eye comeuppance years later - when his car happens to break down at the scene of the crime. This is a trilogy of tales that the movie screenwriters flatter themselves by comparing to Tales From The Crypt, which is not exactly true. While the dialogue, special effects and acting in Tales From The Crypt are superior, Zombie Chronicles scores a surprising peg or two higher in originality of plot (okay, considering the clichés of Tales From The Crypt, maybe not so surprising) and in recognising itself as kitsch. The special effects are hilarious: zombies ripping heads off, zombies pulling strange organs out of the skull that bear no resemblance to the brain, zombies stumbling after victims at half their speed, and like Achilles' tortoise always beat the victims to the finish.
   Out there, somewhere, the future cult of Brain Damage film fans awaits you. You know who you are. Pre-Hollywood John Waters' purists may be moulting and bursting from cocoons as we speak.
Zombie Chronicles
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